Deep scraper not using page-URL

I am using Bardeen to create a library of plant information (1&2). I followed the deep scraper video ( and tried multiple times.
As shown in the video i made a list scraper and a page scraper, they both work as intended. Sadly not together. The page-URL from the list scraper is not checked by the page scraper (1&2)
I have also tried to do it in 2 steps, making a list with page_URL in google sheets, then using that row in google sheets as imput for the page scraper. But that was a complete falure without the proper example video.
An other problem i have, is that on one site the page-URL copied in a list scraper is not the full (working) URL, is it possible to add the first part of the URL in front of the URL it is going to use for opening the page scraper (2)?
And last question, when scraping images, it creates a link in google sheets, is it possible to save the image somewhere automatically? or to get the image itself in the google sheets (1&2)?

Thanks in advance!

(1.) Plantenencyclopedie | Appeltern Adventure Gardens
(1.) Shared Playbook Template
(2.) TreeEbb | Online bomenzoektool | Boomkwekerij Ebben?
(2.) Shared Playbook Template

Hi there,

First off, nice work building a complex scraper !

In your first playbook (Plantenencyclopedie), I can see that the scraper for the main page with all the plants doesn’t have the correct URL mapped under the variable Plant URL. You instead used the link to the image for Plant URL, which is why the second scraper wasn’t working. It was opening the wrong page. I have now corrected that for you, in this playbook :

In your second playbook (TreeEbb), you have the same scraper template in both the active tab and background tab scraping module. You’ll need a different scraping template to scrape each plant’s page like you created in the first playbook.

On your question about saving images, that isn’t possible right now. Bardeen is only able to save the link to the image

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