How can I change my username here? (on discourse)

Why don’t we have the right to do this ?

Can some admin DM me ? I want to change my username that I actually don’t chose at sign up.

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Hi Bastien!

Just to be sure, you mean you can’t change your Bardeen email?

We don’t have these settings at the moment.

I’ll check with the team how can we manually do this.

Yet, if your account is new, I think it’s easier to just delete yours and create a new one with the email you need.

It’s possible to delete an account

Hi, I don’t want to change my email

I want to change my username for the forum

to bastien

Okay, he means how to change the forum username.

That’s easy:

  1. Go to your profile

  2. Change username

No I don’t have this option I am sorry :

Thanks for flagging this. I’ve checked and seems like users had 3 days to change username.

I’ve disabled the time periud for users to edit their username

It should now be possible, please confirm me :smiley:

I changed yours in the meantime too.

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