Can't upgrade my account

Hi, I’m trying to just upgrade to premium and I keep getting an error saying the server can’t handle the request. This has been going on for over a week now. Anyone have this issue?

Hi @dan I’m so sorry about this!

Can you share us some more details for us to run into this issue?

  1. Do you have any screenshots? Or you can share the error message?
  2. Which version of Bardeen are you using?

Can you try reloading Bardeen extension?
Reload or update Bardeen

Hey yes. I reinstalled it but am now getting a new error message:

Not sure which version, but since I just reinstalled I’d imagine it’s the latest one.

Hi Dan

I’m really sorry about all the inconviniences.

Is this error blocking you from opening Bardeen? Or did it just pop up?

I’ve reported this errors and we’ll investigate this issue. It’s high priority for us!

I’ll respond in via DM

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