Generating Text with Hyperlinks

I have a table in a Google Sheet that I am trying to organize into text. Each row in the table is a different sports game that is on tv today. It has one column ‘Matchup’ which contains the team names, then another column ‘Hyperlink’ that contains a hyperlink to the streaming platform that the game is on. I’m able to successfully get the matchup and text portion of the hyperlink to populate in a Google Doc, but it removes the link part of the hyperlink. Maybe I have to use a non-text action in my playbook as that gets rid of the link?

Thanks for your help

Not sure this is a Bardeen question, but a scraped hyperlink should show as a hyperlink when added to GSheet.

As a workaround, you could use a formula to generate the hyperlink in your GSheet.


  • something like the above would work. (Hard to say without seeing the GSheet)

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