Copy SKU's from Etsy

HelloA, I am creating a Conbinate listing on Etsy, as in this video Etsy Printify Combination Listing Tutorial - 2023 UPDATED! - YouTube
I have to copy almost 400 SKUs depending on the size and color of the products. I need to automatize it. Can someone give me a hand to accomplish this task? Thanks

Hey, Bardeen does not have the capabilities to input dynamic data into websites for now and there is no Etsy integration at this time.

Hi, maybe some part of this process could be automated with Bardeen.

Can you share an example of the type of datay you’re copying. Maybe a screenshot.

Bardeen can’t create items on Etsy but might be usefull to scrape the SKU’s into a Spreadsheet.

Hi Ivan! Thanks for your answer. Extracting the data from Spotify to a spreadsheet is not a problem. I can extract the SKUs for each size and color combination. I need to understand if it is possible to create a process to copy the data SKUs with a click from the spreadsheet to the web form on Etsy according to the color and size.
Is it any automation or process for copying from a spreadsheet to a web form?
or for copying and pasting from a web page to another web?, Thanks!

I understand. Can I import from a spreadsheet to a web form?
I can scrap the data from Printify to an excel and from an excel to a webform (Etsy). It this possible?, Thanks

Can you share your idea for Etsy integration at :bulb:Share an idea ? We might be able to collect some votes if other users run into this need :smiley:

Unsure on what is printify, so can’t give an accurate answer. If you have a screenshot or url example it can help.

But based on the context I’m almost certain what you describe is possible. Scrape Printify to a Google Sheet.

From there you can connect the Google Sheet to Etsy with other automation tools.