Conditional Statement

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Thanks for the work you are doing with Bardeen, it’s been a huge time saver! I have a query that I haven’t found the answer to in the forums - if it’s there, apologies, and maybe you can point me in the right direction :)!
When using the Conditional Statement, is there way to have an OR there? I.e., I want to check whether a condition has either one value or another, in which case it should return YES; but it looks to allow only one check at a time, which makes it very difficult for me. Also, after going through either a YES or NO branch, executing that action, I would like to merge the branches again. Is this possible?

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Hi @hmacedo, Welcome to the Bardeen Community :smiley:

Good questions!

You’ll need to use two Conditional statements to accomplish the “OR” scenario with the “Run both YES and NO, with the respective portion of items” option selected in the field labeled “When shall each branch be invoked” on the first conditional statement action.

I don’t believe this is possible yet. I recommend sharing your ideas for improvements and why they would be useful in :bulb:Share an idea Bardeen will consider them for future implementation.

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