Can't map table headers

Can't make table headers to Google Sheets Column headers


Proposed by: Luke Hart - Jun 15, 23

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Hi Luke, we’ll need more information for this case, particularly on the scraper.

I’m guessing this happened when selecting the “select table automatically” option when creating the scraper?

Right, this is table scraper related, table scraper generates the columns dynamically, that’s why we do not have that information when assigning. Unfortunately it’s hard to guess the field names, because the column headings can change and scraper just doesn’t know much about them at this point. So best would be to skip the field mapping assuming that the table columns would match or use list scraper when building it.

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Okay so the issue is that Automatically Captured Tables don’t generate headers (column names) for those items, so there’s no way to map it?

We need to think how to make this smoother though :thinking:

Right, if mapping required, then list scraper can be used.

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