Beginner: action to paste scraped string into search field on another page/tab

I am just getting started with Bardeen and trying to automate a simple task of copying a data item from one web page into the search field on another web page.

I think I have the first part figured out using the scraper but how do I take the string grabbed by the scraper and paste it into the Search field on another web-page?

I’m not sure I can make a video of the manual process as there is a lot of personal data that needs blanking out, but I’ll see if I can figure it out.

These are both sites requiring log-in but the login is persistent so I can log in previously then apply the automation if I can get it to work.

My imagined workflow is to right-click on the first page to bring up the Workbook item, then the string is automagically grabbed and pasted into the search field and the search is started.

Any clues?

Hi @rodberry, unfortunately this use case is not yet feasible through Bardeen because it doesn’t support dynamic input yet. Bardeen is currently working on a Web Agent that will be able to click and input on the web, it’s currently in beta testing.

Bardeen does support static input so you could create a single page scraper that completes the login information to bypass having to do that each time and build on from there.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks Jess for clearing that up. Looks like the beta testing link is no longer alive, so they must have enough testers already. :slight_smile: It’s great to hear that Bardeen are working on it and have it in beta already.

Can anyone suggest any other browser-based way of doing this? I’m using a locked-down corporate machine on which I can’t install or run anything natively.

Are there browser-based mouse and keyboard record/playback extensions for automation in the browser? I’m guessing not but I’ll take a look around.

The post on the web agent is part of our Pro users group of beta testers, that’s why you can’t see it. I’ll send you an invite if you want to test it with us :slight_smile:

The web agent is capable of extracting data and inputing it indeed. Unsure if it’s capable of navigating between tabs :thinking:, but that’s an interesting request.

Thanks very much Ivan!

Yes, I imagine that navigating between tabs is not trivial. I’d be content with opening a new tab with a specific URL, then automagically pasting the scraped string from the tab/page that activated the workbook via right-click.

@rodberry - you could build an automation for half of this use case with Bardeen if that helps. I’m doubting it will, but wanted to share the feature.

There is a clipboard option on the scraper that allows you to paste data from your clipboard. It’s found by selecting the “Add Special Field (URL, Time, etc.)” button within the scraper template:

Your steps found be as follows:

  1. Manually copy the input from website 1 to get it on your clipboard.
  2. Navigate to website 2 & login
    – As I mentioned above, you could create your own scraper template to login create a single page scraper that completes the login information to bypass having to do that each time in a second “Scrape data in the background” action in the automation below.
  3. Bardeen Playbook Automation:
"When I right-click on a website"

Adds to the menu to select from to run the automation when on a website.

"Scrape data in the background"

Input clipboard to paste input into field in website 2

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