Bardeen User & Evangelist: Sarthak Kapil, a Product Manager looking to work at Bardeen and be their first 🦄

Hi there !

I’m Sarthak and I immediately got Bardeen upon finding @Artem_from_Bardeen 's call on LinkedIn for their first Product Manager ! xD

I initially got Bardeen out of curiosity (to see if it actually delivers what it claims) and to my utmost surprise- it’s freakishly close to defeating boring work FOR GOOD !! :exploding_head:

My mind was blown, when I saved 3 hours of lead capture + qualification + appointment booking with Bardeen to interview prospects for my ongoing project :rocket:

And meanwhile, I learned how to use Bardeen, went on a nice walk and got some reading done :slight_smile:

This is simply magic ! I’m here to-

  1. Stay on top of Bardeen and help the team gain deeper insights on scale wrt what me or my friends would need from our pov/use-cases.
  2. Talk to other Bardeen users, understand goals & painpoints. Also happy to brainstorm on solutioning automations for you XD (Yes, I’m super geeky that way)
  3. Save hours of my work in scraping prospects data from LinkedIn, qualify them and reach out to keep my calendar and pipeline full of opportunities, so that I spend my time in helping leads and not finding them XD

Cheers to everyone here, happy to be a part of this revolution !! :raised_hands:


Welcome to Bardeen community @sarthak.kapil07, glad to have you arround! :smiley: :unicorn:

There’s sooo much you can do on LinkedIn prospecting with Bardeen :exploding_head:

That sounds like an awesome use-case! Would love it if you share it to the community at :star_struck: Showcase

Yes @ivan I certainly will. In-fact have you thought of doing community hackathons with incentives? As in provide a challenge to do with Bardeen XD

We’ve tried that in multiple versions!

Haven’t gotten much participation though :frowning:

Still some experiments we can do on this! Open for ideas on fun competitions we can do.

We’ve also done “challenges” where we test peoples knowledge of Bardeen and build automations :slight_smile:, we could bring that back

Drop a :heart: if you’d like to see this.

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