A way to search for keywords inside a site

i have a list of hundreds of websites in Google Sheets.
and need to check if each of those sites has some words.
so i manually do in google
site:www.examplesite.com word i am looking for

and then i am adding if the site has one or not in my spread
it is not keyword search what i want to do
can i automate it ?
thank you


Hi @kedzierski.pp , welcome to the community.

Cool use-case you have there.

I think this sounds more of a feature we could have, so I’m adding it into :bulb:Share an idea.

An action to “search inside website” could proove to be very useful!

Yet. Here’s an idea on how you can achieve this:

Searching for the keyword inside the HTML of the website

  1. Get the links from the GSheet (Get table from GSheet action)
  2. Get column from table - containing the websites.
  3. “Find all links in text” on step 2
  4. Use “Get HTML for urls” to get the HTML of the websites.
  5. Then use “Get text from html” to extract the text.
  6. Use a conditional for that text contains = keyword, and if that’s true,
  7. then save into a different spreadsheet, or label the same rows it with “update google sheet rows”.

Another way is to use the “Prompt GPT” action to ask it to find certain keywords inside the text, and get the output saved into GSheets.