A message for Bardeen Team

To Bardeen Team.
From a pov of someone who never use any automation tools.

  1. The learning curve is so confusing. It doesn’t always follow common logic. I swear to God it’s hard to follow.
  2. Buttons/UI are so hard to click/select/type.
  3. Scroll bar is too small. I need to use a mouse for it.
  4. Super limited use cases.
  5. Can’t perform most cases without “PROGRAMMING” the playbook.

Your app is great. But the core principles of your app is to save time. Maybe it works for someone who’s already familiar with these kinda app. But for a normal people who are seeking a way to save time, it didn’t work.

This is an honest feedback. Hope it helps. Please, change your way of thinking from the perspective of people who previously do something manual on their work.


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Hi @cadiauv

I really appreciate you speaking your mind on your thoughrs and want to dig deeper!

Would love to grab a chat and hear your thoughts further!

Would be awesome to hear your thoughts on how we can make Bardeen more intuitive for no-coders or how we can make it easier on the community to onboard!

Btw next week we’ll have an onboarding session coming next week!