🆕 Introducing our Monthly Bardeen Onboarding + Happy Hour sessions! Starting Oct 24

Seeking a more personalized onboarding experience or have questions about Bardeen? We’ve got you covered!

:calendar: 2023-10-24T15:30:00Z Join our Bardeen Onboarding + Happy Hour Sessions! :tada:


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:tada: Introducing Bardeen Onboarding + Happy Hour Sessions! :tada:

Are you seeking a more personalized onboarding experience or have burning questions about creating your workflows with Bardeen? We’ve got you covered!

Join our Recurring Happy Hours happening every 4 weeks, and get jumpstarted into Bardeen with our team, led by @ivan from Community and @Chris from Solutions.

Who’s This For?

These events are for you if

  • :new: You’re new to Bardeen and eager to explore it.
  • :question: You’ve got a list of questions that need answers.
  • :rocket: You’re on a mission to supercharge your productivity with AI.
  • :robot: You’ve got manual tasks begging to be automated.

What’s in store for you!

  • :checkered_flag: An Exclusive Bardeen Onboarding: Learn the ropes of Bardeen and discover how to activate your first, mind-blowing automations.
  • :magnet: Explore Top-Notch Use Cases: Dive into the best use cases of the month and uncover how AI can supercharge your business, especially your sales strategies. :briefcase:
  • :star_struck: Q+A Session with the Bardeen Team: Have burning questions? Get them answered live by our experts! :speech_balloon:

:clock3: Duration: 1 hour.

So, bring your questions, enthusiasm, and your best energy!

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to connect with the team and get headstarted into Bardeen! :muscle:

We have limited spots!

:date: Save Your Spot in Our Upcoming Sessions here.

Let’s make automation magic happen together! :magic_wand::rocket:

See you at the Happy Hour! :partying_face::tada:

Our first Onboarding session happening soon!

Great opportunity for starters!

Hope to see you there :bardeen_logo:

A new onboarding session is coming soon!

2023-11-13T23:00:00Z RSVP Here


Here’s some of the topics we covered on the first session!
Onboarding session

Notion onboarding doc!