Send Automated Email that embeds Google Forms

GForms currently lets you email a form directly from GForms with the form embedded into the email so that the recipient doesn’t have to click a link but can fill the form out directly in the email.
I want to send that same form to the same recipient every week.
How would I copy the GForm element to use as a template to set Bardeen up to auto send every week?

**I did send the form to my email once so I have it to pull the elements from

Hi @msjamiemilam, Welcome to the Bardeen Community :slight_smile:

Interesting use case! My recommendation is to :bulb:Share an idea for Bardeen to integrate with Google Forms in the future for this example.

Unfortunately, the best that Bardeen would be able to accomplish for you here is to send the link to the recipient each week where they’d be redirected outside of GMail to the direct link to complete the form.

I hope this helps!
Thank you,

So you don’t think there is a way to copy/embed the HTML table for the form and enter it into a Gmail new message?

You could try scraping it, but I’m doubting this will work. I just tried scraping this one form and it won’t work as you can see:

Bardeen can’t scrape the dropdown options for you either. Sorry friend.

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