Scraping click question

Imagine working on list of repetitive tasks where I have to click either Accept or Reject.
After I click on Accept or Reject, a new task is loaded, and so on…

I am able to record the Task ID # but unable to capture Accept or Reject.

Is this possible? Attached pic for reference.


Bardeen won’t be able to capture the value of a click action, it is only able to scrape the details on a page. So it doesn’t sound like this is something that is possible with Bardeen. I hope that helps.

A workaround I can think of, is to have two right click automations , one for Accept and one for Reject and depending on which one you are going to click, you trigger that right click automation and it will then scrape the Task ID and put either accept or reject in the next column in Google Sheet. Here is our tutorial on right click automations


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Thanks, i was a bit confused after reading this post, it sounded as if click action could be tracked.

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Hey @bewdewdating, what’s your name?

This goes beyong the real of web automation and into logic building.

That’s possible though tools like Glide or Softr, my agency is capable of building these types of solutions.

Drop me a connection on LinkedIn we can check it.