Sales Sequencing use-cases with Bardeen?

Has anyone built a playbook for sales sequencing? Is this possible using google sheets + gmail + chatgpt?

Hi Krishma

I recommend these 2 videos will show you some possibilities!

You might like this outreach automation

Yet if you can share some use-cases in mind for sales, we can brainstorm from there!

I’m not really familiar with sales sequences.

Also tagging @darrenernest might know about this?

Hi @ivan, what @krishma wants is this: A sales sequence, also referred to as a sales cadence, is a scheduled series of sales touchpoints that include phone calls, emails, social messages, and SMS messages, as well as other tasks that are delivered at a pre-defined interval over a particular period of time. Sequences have recently become the standard for sales teams, who use them to help reps manage outreach to prospects. More info at this link:

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