Missing Integration Catalog

I am trying to do the first step and integrate a personal Gmail account. The tutorial tells me to open up ‘Integration Catalog’ but when I open the suggested tab there is no such option.

Hi there @miamendimusic, Welcome to the Bardeen Community :slightly_smiling_face:

You can navigate to the “Integrations” tab by selecting the “Settings” option in your above screenshot. From there, you can search for Gmail and login to your account so Bardeen and Gmail are connected.

I hope this helps!
Thank you,

The “connected apps” tab is the same thing as the “integrations catalog” page you are searching for, it’s likely an outdated tutorial as Bardeen updates a lot - what happens when you search and hover over the Gmail app here?

Try to hover over it and it might display a gear icon and/or a trash can icon.

Click the button labeled “authenticate with Google” in the above screenshot.

It will prompt you to login to complete the authentication - it’s very simple.

The above page explains that there are two methods of ways to complete the integration. I hope this helps!

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