Mass Edit for Deleting Scraper Templates, Playbooks, and Autobooks

As a user, it currently takes three clicks to delete one Playbook or Autobook AND two clicks to delete one scraper template. This is too long/time consuming.

To learn Bardeen, I try to create a lot of my own “test” automations to understand how actions function and interact together. It would be great if there were an option to select and delete multiple items (Scraper Templates, Playbooks, and Autobooks) simultaneously to maintain a cleaner ‘My Space’.

Love this idea, fully support it!

@Michi @Pierre as someone who has hundreds of playbooks it’s also a pain for me.

Anyone with +20 automations needs this :pray:

One of those “select” and then :ballot_box_with_check: features to mass delete, grouping (coming soon) or changing your automations :slight_smile: