Is there a way to stop automation(s) In Progress?

Is there a way to stop an automation? I created one with pagination, which did not work consistently past the 5th page, and now I can’t stop the jobs that I started while editing the playbook. It looks like it’s been running for days but nothing appears to be happening on the site or in the Google Sheet I have it connected to.

Hi, @stephanie2 , welcome to Bardeen community :jammies:.

Usually you should get a cancel sign “x” to stop it, yet seems like it’s not showing in your case.

Can you share in which version of Bardeen are you?
Version of the app

A way to force stop the automations is to re-start the extension.

This will refresh all the app.

Here’s how you can reload and update:

Reload or update Bardeen

@ivan I’m using Version 2.28.1. Forcing an update on the extension did the trick. Thank you!

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You can also just turn the Extension off and on.

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