How to search a text in tiktok and capture the first video information

Hello help,

I need to have a sheet with names to be searched in tiktok. The first video url, date and user name saved to a sheet. Repeat the bulk process.

I’m lost, need a first push please

Hi Sazu

We have a Bardeen AI “Magic Box” that can help you draft cases like these!

This is how I got this automation built in 2 mins with AI:

This is the drafted automation, which seems accurate!

We have multiple Tiktok scrapers, but if doesn’t work for this case, consider building your own for TikTok search:

Give it a try and let us know how it goes!

I also recommend you to go over our Getting Started tutorials and Youtube 101.

Getting started with Bardeen | Bardeen Tutorial

That’s cool, thanks!

Where is the Magic box?

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