How do I scrape a list of names from google sheet on google search?

I have a template where I would list a names of the products in the sheet then search for them on Google and scrape a specific page. I want to scrape many products at once, but let’s say if I put 30 in the sheet I get a result for only 6 or 7… One time I listed only 10 products and I got results for all 10 of them. Why is that the case? Also I would like to know is there an bardeen admin or similar that I could talk privately to get help with some specific templates/scrapers? Thanks in advance

Hi @aka

So if I understand correctly.

You have a sheet with:

  • Product names

You’d like to search those names on Google and scrape the results?
Or search the names inside a website and scrape the results?

And then save to Google Sheets, right?

Can you share your workflow in a bit more detail? Maybe walk us though an example of the manual workflow. Looms or screenshots are also helpful!


Here is description of my template I hope it can help.

I have a sheet with names, I want to search them on a specific website (but first to search name of that product on google + website name) then go to that website scrape description and add it to Google sheet rows.

We’re lacking many details (like which website), and a concrete example, so we can help you.

Yet, I’ve ran this over Bardeen’s AI magic box and here’s the automation that should get you the keywords searched on google search and saved into Google Sheets:


Yes but I want a description from a specific website like pricerunner or amazon. What you created is pretty much the same as I did with your AI magic box. But there is now one more step where I need to enter a website and do scraping for a product name that is in the sheet and then do that for every product name in that column of google sheet. I have sent my template on email that I have got from you.

Hi Aka, sorry about this falling though the cracks. I’ll invite you to a chat so we can figure out this use-case.

If you’d like to share us the website and automation that can help us make a draft for you