Help with xpath failure

Ive watched videos a number of times but still unclear how to get the xpath working on bardeen. Here is the playbook:

Im scraping this page:

I am trying to scrape event listings, broken into date, time, band and URL/location. Is there something that im misunderstanding regarding Bardeen and XPath? When i plug the following XPath into Developer Console, it returns 11 elements, but in Bardeen Scraper, it repeats the same Date/Time element:
//div[contains(@class, ‘sqs-html-content’)]/p/text()[normalize-space()]

Hi @craig.doriot,

I don’t believe Bardeen’s scraper recognizes all XPath selectors just yet. But also searching this XPath doesn’t return anything in the Dev Tools of this page:

However, I was able to return the result you are looking for below:

I used the following Regular Expression to extract only the data you’re looking for after simply just selecting the whole element:


I hope this helps!
Thank you,

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