Field mapping custom data to Pipedrive

I am trying to get this information from LinkedIn (URL, name, title, location, and current company) to Pipedrive. I set up a scraper, following instructions on a video, and it looks fine.

My problem is that nothing set up in Bardeen will allow me to map these fields. There is Pipedrive automation, but it does no include the information I need.

I have watched many videos and tried different variations but cannot figure out how to make it work.

Hi @chris1, unlike other database apps like Google Sheets, Pipedrive doesn’t allow to map custom fields. You can map data to the Pipedrive fields Bardeen offers.

This is most likely an API limitation.

I’ve turned this into a :bulb:Share an idea so we can explore if it’s possible to map custom fields to pipedrive.

Hey @chris1 there is indeed no mapping so the information can be added as a note. Here is a video on how to avoid duplicates and there is links to the books that I have created.

If you want a video on how to create the actual automation please let me know.

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Yes please share the video on how to create the actual automation

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