Change URLs when building a scraper models

Being able to switch urls on the scraper model creations, so you can refine the model with multiple examples. "One thing that would be really really beneficial is to be able to switch the website when editing an existing scrape template. For example, if scraping a business profile, a lot of times fields only appear if they are populated. So one business may have filled out their Industry, but the other company didn't. If I built my scrape originally on a URL of a business that did not fill out Industry, but I need to go back later and add it in, it is much more difficult to do because I have to add the Selector myself. This would also help when troubleshooting why a template doesn't pull in the correct data. You could switch to a different record of the same type and see what populates, and make tweaks as necessary."

Proposed by: Jacob - Aug 6,22

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