Can we add content inside notion page?

I’m working on a scraping project, and I would like to create a notion database item and also it’s page content.

It’s good that we put information about the page in database property, but the more important thing should be putting content to notion page content.

I want something like notion’s official extension: Web Clipper, to actually write content inside the page.
Is this on your roadmap? Cause I REALLY need that!

Thank you Bardeen!

Hi @samuel.jeng - unfortunately this is not yet possible through Bardeen. As this is a highly requested feature, I suggest posting it in the :bulb:Share an idea Category. You’ll be able to track the roadmap progress/eta there.

I hope this helps!


Yep, precisely!

I would really like this to be possible too! Converting this question into an idea :bulb: so it can be voted.

Hi Ivan,
Meanwhile, couldn’t you trigger an HTTP request with a webhook containing the required content, and use another tool like zapier to append the content to your notion page?
I’m pretty new with Bardeen, but just an idea I had reading your post :slight_smile:

That’s a great idea indeed!

I’ve seen pro users like @Bill.French play with HTTPS requests, sending data to Zapier.

You could be able to send the data via webhook to Zapier and from there create the content inside the page.

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Hello everyone! Does anyone know if Bardeen is capable of copying over page content from one notion page to another?

I can’t seem to find a way to do this.

Proposed by: Isaac Woods - Nov 29,22

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It would be great to be able to add scraped content directly into a Notion Page, not only in a database cell. For example here I would like to put the content I scraped directly into the "Oxbox" page, not in the cells of the database.

Proposed by: Guillaume Adragna - Sep 5,22

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