Can´t open my Scraper Template to edit it

I created a comprehensive Scrape template a few days ago. I tested it and have already used it. Then I realised that I was still missing the page URL. So I went into my Scrape template and added the element: “Page Link: URL”.

After saving, I can use the template in my playbook, but I can no longer open the Scrape template. Every time I click on the “edit” icon, a new page opens, but it is white and closes again after 5 seconds.

I have already restarted my browser and logged in and out. Nothing helps. I can open other templates without any problems.

Can you help me with this problem? I don’t want to create a new template because there are already a few playbooks associated with it.

Hi Waldemar,

Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with this. I’ve raised this with the engineering team who will look into it. I’ll get back to you when I hear back .

Could you please share the playbook and one of the websites you are trying to scrape ? It’ll make it easier for us to trace down

Could you also check that you are running the latest version of Bardeen (2.38.0) and see if you still have the problem after updating ?

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Hello @vin_bardeen,

I’m not actually using the latest version. (2.37.2). The question is: how do I update the extension? I can’t find an update option anywhere.

Also my suggestion would be to put the actual version number somewhere in the bardeen dashboard and not just in the browser extension settings.

The playbook I’m working with has this name: [Single Listing] Manual Scraping [EVDB ]

Many thanks in advance!

PS: I have now completely deleted the extension and reinstalled it to get the latest version. The problem still exists.

Hi Waldemar,

Thanks for the suggestion. I have passed it on to the product team. To update the version you could either uninstall and reinstall Bardeen or follow this quick guide on how to update your version of Bardeen: How to Update Bardeen

I am unable to access playbooks in personal accounts, so if you could share a link to it, that would be amazing. Here’s our guide on how to share playbooks. Would you also be able to please share a sample of the webpage you are trying to scrape ?

Thanks for your patience


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Hello @vin_bardeen

here is my playbook: EVDB Scrape Playbook

and here is the page i try to scrape: EVDB

@LastSamuraj - Here’s the “How to Update Bardeen” link - it appears Vin forgot to include it above.

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Hi @vin_bardeen any update on this? Regards :wave:

Hi @LastSamuraj ,

Not yet unfortunately. I’ve pinged our engineers again to follow up. Apologies for the delay

Could you confirm that you have updated to the latest version of Bardeen and what version you are on please ? This error sounds strangely familiar to a bug that was fixed in our latest release.

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Hi, yes I have updated my bardeen to the latest version 2.38.1 and it still not work.

Hi @LastSamuraj :wave:

Thank you for reporting this, this is super helpful and sorry that you have experienced this issue. We will provide a guard specifically for this issue and do the best to ensure this not happens again, think we already have landed fixes that should have had prevented this from happening, but additionally we will guard against this specific issue, which should be available in future version.

Here is a demo on how you can try fixing the existing model issue on your side.

Also here is a demo on how to update Bardeen.

Thanks again for reporting this and let me know if this hint didn’t help restoring the model.

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Hi @manvel thank you so much for this easy and fast fix for my problem.

Why didn´t I think of it myself :rofl:
Now I can continue working on my project with peace of mind :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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