Can not do anything on autobook

I can not do anything with autobook. Neither delete, not activate not open in builder

I get this

“type”: “ApiError”,
“module”: “object-storage-client”,
“operation”: “DELETE /r/playbook”,
“status”: 400,
“headers”: {
“access-control-allow-origin”: “*”,
“access-control-expose-headers”: “Link”,
“content-length”: “39”,
“content-type”: “application/json; charset=utf-8”,
“date”: “Thu, 23 Nov 2023 21:40:37 GMT”,
“etag”: “W/"27-uoMCSxfDzvwZy0bDLKfG0OxO0S8"”,
“x-powered-by”: “Express”
“code”: “FailedValidation”,
“message”: “object-storage-client failed to DELETE /r/playbook: (400)”,
“url”: “


Sorry you are facing this issue. Could you please share a link to the playbook you are trying to run and a short video showing at which point the error appears for you please ?


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I can not. i can not do ANYTHING at all on this autobook. I also can not get a link.

Could you please uninstall and reinstall Bardeen to ensure you’re on the latest version ? Here’s a quick guide on how you can uninstall it from your Chrome extension menu. As long as you log in with the same account,any previously created playbooks will still be there.

Customer Support -
Explore | @bardeenai | Bardeen Community

Thank you! Reinstalling helped with this.
However, now I keep getting ‘RPC Timeout’ issues. All the time. And I launch scraping from website.

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