Bardeen Web Agent Demos: prompting actions, filling forms, closing tabs, etc... | Looking for beta testers!

Hey Folks, we have an exciting demo for Bardeen Web Agent, led by @michael.lutz :man_superhero: :ambassador_cat_jam: who will allow you to prompt Bardeen to interact with the web! This means clicking flows, filling forms, closing tabs, etc…

This will be the new action we’ll add.

And here’s a demo:

Want to give it a go?
We’re looking for beta testers and collaborators to preview this into their audiences!

Reach out to @michael.lutz me for access :smiley: :jammies:



This is an amazing addition to Bardeen’s actions arsenal.

Superb , now working on implementation of it

So awesome!! I would love to beta this

Let’s catch up tommorow on the beta testing gang!

@ivan do you have a recording of this hangout? I wasn’t able to make it yesterday but would love to rewatch it.

Thanks @michael.lutz for hopping in and showing the AI new features: AI Agent and AI Classifier.

We also showed ambassadors the string templating for first time.From the AI Web agent we got amazing feedback.


  • Questions on how to use for dynamic input filling.
  • We discussed use-cases for it
  • We agree LinkedIn outreach and sending messages will be a big use-case here
  • We got some user requests on making it work in the background too

On the AI Classifier, @arthbohra wasn’t able to join, but here’s some notes from showing the demo.

We discussed:

  • Use-case: clasifying leads from linkedin data
  • Clasifying transcripts of youtube videos based on scraped data
  • They are confused on how would you build your own custom classifier.


Passcode: 3h+2Ha4@


We’re looking for beta testers for the AI Classifier! We’ll help you set it up.

More info here:

Who’s in?

cc: @arthbohra


Updated version of the web agent.

By @michael.lutz

It’s now able to CAPTURE DATA from the web (like the scraper)

Here’s an updated demo walkthough

It just keeps getting better. :slight_smile: I’d love to try it out if I can.

Just responding to the Zoom recording, so a bit behind-the-times!

This is going to be a very cool thing, although the coolest parts of it might be also a dealbreaker for me.

I’ll try to describe my scenario:

I work in an Australian Government-contracted company who helps long-term unemployed people find sustainable long-term employment. So, we are dealing with sensitive personal data of vulnerable members of society.

I am on a page in a tab on an in-house browser-based CRM that contains sensitive personal information about a client.

I find the client’s ID number, select and copy it.

I then open another (also secure) web page of a government agency in another tab and paste the client ID into the search field and click the search button. From there, it’s more human manual stuff rather than robot stuff. :slight_smile:

So, that is about 5 steps:

  1. select the id number
  2. copy the number
  3. open a URL in a new tab
  4. paste the number into the search field
  5. click the search button

My Bardeen playbook would be something like this:
I right-click on the starting page/tab and click the playbook item
(or even a keyboard shortcut?)

Bardeen then does the following:

  • scrapes the page and picks up the client ID number
  • opens a URL in a new tab
  • pastes the stored ID number into the search field
  • clicks the search button

Then, I take over from there …

Even though that only saves me three clicks, it is an often-repeated workflow carried out by a lot of people across the company, so it would be still worth doing, especially if similar small tweaks are possible elsewhere in our workflows.

Because of the sensitivity of the data, I need to be sure that none of it is making a round trip to Bardeen and back in the process of this kind of automation (no matter how benign the privacy policy might be).

The general policy at our company, and I assume the government agencies we service, is that cloud-based LLM tools present a significant privacy risk and that we should not use them.

I’m assuming that, apart from the specifically ML-driven features, most of Bardeen’s automations work in the space of the browser and don’t need to share data to and from the cloud

What do you think? Are there ways to use Bardeen without sensitive data popping outside our systems?

My philosophy is to let robots to robot stuff so people can have more mental space to do people stuff (including rest!), so I’m hoping Bardeen can help with that. :slight_smile: Rod.

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Hi @rodberry

The web agent is not able to open new URLs.

Yet the workflow you describe could be possible with our scraper and Bardeen commands.

  1. Scrape ID’s in the active tab
  2. Scrape data in the background and give it the input from step 1. This scaper should be setup with dynamic inputs and the click on the button.

The scraper is now able to input dynamic fields like the scraped data.

Here’s how the action works.

Let us know we can also help further if you create your own topic and we can see this case end to end :slight_smile:

Some new posts on the web agent: