Automation updates of database (Instagram to Notion)

Hi all,

I was wondering if it’s possible to have a database created in notion for checking multiple Instagram followers count which can update automatically.
If not, can it update the database every time an existing account profile is being visited.

Thanks for the help!

Hi @goofy11

Love the use-case!

You should be able to do this by monitor the changes on the instagram profile links with Bardeen’s scraper.

We have a trigger for “when website data changes” that can help you monitor those links for changes. Learn on this video:

Yet, the limitation is you can only input a single or a list of URLs into the trigger, so it’s not possible to run it dynamically based on links on notion.

A second option is to have an scheduled autobook (when website data changes) that

  1. gets the table from notion
  2. Gets the links to check on IG
  3. And you input them into the background scraper (“scrape data in the background”)
  4. Then use our Notion “update notion pages” to update the number of followers

This will not notify you when a change happens though.

Ps: could be a great use-case to share on :star_struck: Showcase for the community :smile:

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Thanks Ivan for the solution! Will try out and update if it works.

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