Ambassador: Carl Ritchie | Sales and Prospecting Automation Expert

Hi Everyone! :smiley: :wave: I’m Carl Ritchie, Senior Account Executive & Sales Lead at Deel ( and ex-G2 (

I’ve been using Bardeen for over 1 year now almost everyday and it has saved me weeks of time:

  1. Handling all the time consuming monotonous tasks - Bardeen does all that for me in minutes.
  2. Making me more efficient with my time - prioritising accounts/leads with those better insights.
  3. Giving me better insights - allowing me to scrape data that gives me the edge over my competitors.

I’m excited to now be building this community of the best sales automation experts from around the world! To share best practice, innovate new approaches, and coming to define what cutting-edge sales automation means.

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Welcome Carl!

Carl has been collaborating with Bardeen for arround a year now!

You might have seen him previously on our community happy hours.

Not only has he helped hundreds of users inside Bardeen, but he also became an ambassador teaching Bardeen inside DEEL!