A Couple of Ideas

I have a few suggestions that I think would help me an perhaps others too:

  • Naming Steps. Give the option to name different steps/actions in a playbook. this especially handy when there is an automation with a lot of steps/actions.
  • Pauzing actions. Being able to pauze certain steps/actions in a playbook would be perfect. This is deal for troubleshooting. It also saves points. but also when amending steps/actions. now you have to correct all actions before you can close the automation.
  • Closing the circle. It would be great to be able to close the loop for a yes no action. e.g. in words: If yes => edit text, if no continue to next step.

These points were brought up by me in other topics, but perhaps helpful to collect them in one post, so they dont get lost.


Hi Bob,

This is super useful feedback! We are actually in the middle of redesigning our UX for the builder and the language to be more user-friendly and intuitive. Please do continue to share any thoughts on how we can improve. Your feedback is invaluable!


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