Scraping a cinema website with Bardeen

I am reaching out to seek assistance regarding the application of the Bardeen software.

I am particularly interested in the possibility of scraping graphical data from a website and analyzing it. Specifically, I have a cinema website and I would like to determine the number of occupied seats for a specific movie screening. The seat occupancy is represented on the website as the quantity of available seats (gray color) and occupied seats (yellow color).

I would greatly appreciate it if you could guide me or provide any support in this matter. If it’s possible, I would like to understand how I can extract the graphical data from the website and analyze it using the Bardeen software.


Hey @grzech.was here is what I found when I did a quick look up

This represents a taken seat. - couch-sold
<img src="/cinema/_next/static/media/couch-sold.97302478.svg" width="77" height="38" class="couch">
And this is a free seat. - couch-available
<img src="/cinema/_next/static/media/couch-available.fd7549c4.svg" width="77" height="38" class="couch">

You can use Get current page as html and regular expressions. Please see video bellow.

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Im on holidays till end of weekend. I’ll try to implement yours idea at begining of next week when I will have access to my PC.

Best service desk ever meet :slight_smile:

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Awesome support there @Deyan_Petrov! You rock! :metal: :ambassador_cat_jam:

Love the use-case to scrape a cinema website!

Is this for yourself or you have a business use-case in mind?

@grzech.was in addition, this tutorial might be helpful to learn about scraping. I recommend watching it. It’ll be hard to understand Deyan’s advise otherwise.

The Ultimate Scraper Tutorial | Extract Data Without Code

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