Scraper question: why a get only getting the first item from the list?

Im traying to scrap this site Teknologji | GjirafaMall, i get only the first item on the list to google sheet.

Please share the book your are using to scrape so we can have a look what the issue is.

Hi Deyan,
here u have it!
thnx on advance

Hi @fatos.fondaj, welcome to the community!

Intresting use-case on scraping a mall!

Took a look to this case.

The scraper was not properly built. The list selector wasn’t working.

Here’s the walkthough on the fix:

Fixed Automation:

Tip: when building the scraper, make sure the preview data shows multiple records.

If this was useful, please share your use-case’s result with other users on :star_struck: Showcase :pray:

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