Scrape text with $

Text with a $ is not scraping correctly.
In the image below, if there is a $ in the Activity Type, *$ is scraped for Reviews. What is causing this? How do I correct?

Hi @dell.cooper, The selector for the field is off. You need to manually edit the field and provide the correct selector to ensure it pulls the correct value you are looking for.

If you provide the link to the website you are scraping from, I can take a look for you. Or is this inside of your Notion?

Thank you,

Thanks for the offer to fix for me but I’d like to try to fix it first. Is there documentation or tutorials on selectors?

This is more advanced, but the two videos below may be helpful:

However, each website is unique in its html structure so the tutorials supplied are from a general perspective.

Thank you. I’ll watch the videos and reach out for assistance if necessary.

The selector seem to be working, selecting the whole span, it possible that there might be the $ is separate but most likely not as it is a bullet point in case there are multiple lines/points I would guess