Scrape produces duplicate roes rows

I am scraping a website with at filterable table. Bardeen seems to lock in the number of rows to scrape before the filter is applied, therefore the same results is repeated.

For example the list has 200 results. I filter the zip code and now has 1 result. That one result is repeated 200 times in the table.

How could I adjust the count to repeat based on the filtered results.

Hi @christoff.poppe, Welcome to the Bardeen community :slight_smile:

Would you mind sharing your automation and website with the filtered table?

Providing as much details as possible will allow us to assist you further.
Thank you,

Hi. Thank you @Jess

The website is a password restricted site, but would love the assistance. Could we move this to a private channel so I can pass along the specifics?

Would value solving this as it seems that it is sucking away my credits.



For sure, send me the details and I can build it for you likely without running through your credits!

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