Scrape Pagination Issue: not returning the ammount of items

When selecting number of pages to scrape, tested of active page scraper, eg selecting 1 page returns 2 pages of results and selecting 2 we get 3.

  1. Pagination description needs to be changed. To specify the number provided is the number of additional pages that will be scraped not including the first page.
  2. Or change the scraper, which makes more sense to me, when 1 page is requested 1 page is returned (no pagination action invoked). When 2 pages request 2 pages returned (pagination actions is invoked)

Hi Deyan, thanks for reporting this!

We’ll try to reproduce this issue.

It hasn’t happened to me so far.

Well spotted!

Agree, we will change it. Thanks for reporting this Deyan

We landed the fix, should be available within the next release

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