How do I make automation: Right click to add Jira Issue work?

Hi, I tried using the automation: Create Jira Issue from selected text but it’s not working, how can i set it so that when I right click on the next and select the automation option, it prompts me to input the details everytime and syncs up to Jira and google sheet.

Please help advise, here’s my workflow below:

Bardeen automation workflow

Hi @abeltanjunyang

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Seems like you want this right-click automation to prompt an input when you trigger it right?

You can use “ask me every time” inside the automation so it asks you for details before running the automation.

Seems like you’ve done this already

Yet, the limitation is that Autobooks can only be set with the “ask me every time” variables once, since they are expected to run automatically every time.

Usually for this type of workflow Playbooks are better, and you can simply remove the trigger.

Running this automation on click will allow you to do the same workflow and get the inputs asked when you run it every time.

That being said, we have an idea on the community to allow the “ask me every time” to pop up, you can leave a comment and upvote here:

Hope that helps!

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