Google Play Android App Scraper to Google Sheets Not Working Past First 20 Results

Community Support,

Please see the following:


I am unable to scrape past the first 20 results. Can anyone help resolve this?

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Hi @john.bauche ,
This is likely a container issue inside of the list scraper template. You need to use the Developer tools on the web browser to find the exact CSS Selector that selects all of the items and then input that into the Scraper Template’s Container Element.

(This is more technical skill - I would try to assist you further, but I don’t use Android so I don’t have a way to recreate this exactly use case inside of the Google Play store website.)

Basically, Bardeen automatically generates CSS Selectors behind the scenes as best it can when users click on elements of the page when creating a scraper template. BUT it isn’t always exact, so sometimes we need to manually locate them ourselves on the backend of the HTML page.

I hope this helps understanding at least.
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Hi Jess,

Thank you for taking a look but I think someone that uses Google Play might know. Every time the “Show More” button is selected, the next 20 results don’t get picked up by Bardeen scraper, perhaps because there is a new container that they are in on pagination of the next results. I am not sure how else to explain it.

Hopefully, someone here knows or can offer a workaround.

Thank you,

There is only one container selector inside of a “List or table” scraper.

The HTML of the page has the CSS selector to be able to pull all of them I’m sure, but I cannot reproduce because I don’t use Google Play.

Thanks Jess for jumping in to help! John, I can run this be our scraper engineers and see what they recommend. Stay tuned!


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Hi Support,

Please see this latest issue:

Here is the Playbook:

How do you resolve this?

John Bauché

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Hi John,

Thanks so much for reaching back out with this issue. The issue you’re running into can be fixed by using Bardeen’s advanced selector capabilities. You can do so by following the steps provided below.

  1. Click the advanced custom selector button
  2. Place the appropriate TagName.ClassName value into the advanced custom selector.

If you’re wondering how I got this li.Yo9bQb value, I just opened up the structural HTML code for the google apps website using inspect element and got the tag/class name from there.

The rest of the settings you chose in your playbook such as the click pagination so with this change, it should function properly. Below, I’ve also attached the playbook that I made so that you can further explore how I got the desired abilities. Hope this helps and please reach back out if you require any further assistance!


Video Loom:


Customer Support -
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Awesome, thank you!

John Bauché

M: (949) 279-1064

Awesome, thank you! I will test this out tomorrow!

John Bauché

M: (949) 279-1064

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