Facebook Marketplace data to Airtable (overwriting duplicates)

I’m trying to scrape data from Facebook Marketplace and write that data to a table in Airtable. I’ve successfully created a playbook that will do this. My problem is that each time I run the playbook it writes all the scraped records to the table including duplicates that already exist in the table. What I’d like to achieve is:

  1. Add any incrementally new scraped records (using the Facebook link as the unique key to check).
  2. Update any field values that may have changed (e.g. price) for an existing record in the table.
  3. Delete any records in the Airbase table that are no longer found in the Facebook scrape.

In the end, I want my Airbase table to only have the records that exist in the latest snapshot of Facebook Marketplace. Any tips for the best way to achieve this?