Copy a list of indeed job search results to google sheet - stops working in middle of process

Hi, I started a Playbook :Copy a list of indeed job search results to google sheet and entered 1783 as the number of records to copy from indeed over to Google sheets. The process stopped by itself at 890 records. Then, I started the process again to try to capture the rest of the data. Since there are 15 job listings per page on Indeed, I tried to start the playbook again at page 60 on indeed. I started the playbook from page 60 and entered 2000 search results as the max to make sure I would get all the remaining records, but the process stopped again by itself and captured about 130 records. Is there a better way to do this so that I can capture all the indeed data and save it in Google sheets ?

Hi Sean,

It is likely that the scraper reached the end of the Indeed search results. I attempted a similar scrape on Indeed, and eventhough it said there were 7000+ results, the last page of the search results was around page 68 as it had ommitted the rest of the results.

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