Announcing our Bardeen Ambassadors!

Join the ranks of builders, automation experts, and official :star: Bardeen Ambassadors to unlock new opportunities for your career, audience, or business! :rocket:

In this topic we’ll announce the new and existing ambassadors.

Why become a Bardeen Ambassador?

We believe in empowering our most passionate and experienced Bardeen users to grow and succeed. As an Ambassador, you’ll have the chance to:

:one: Grow Your Career: Expand your professional horizons by showcasing your expertise and sharing your learnings with others.

:two: Grow Your Audience: Build your personal brand as a content creator, sharing valuable automation insights, tutorials, and more.

:three: Grow Your Business: Develop and sell your automation templates, offer freelance services, and gain exposure within the Bardeen community.

What do Bardeen Ambassadors do?

Ambassadors play a crucial role in the Bardeen ecosystem. Here are just a few things you can do as an Ambassador:

:globe_with_meridians: Share Bardeen within your organization and support the community.

:video_camera: Create videos, tutorials, webinars, and meetups about automation and productivity using Bardeen. We’ll even provide support and collaborate with you!

:briefcase: Build a business by selling automation bundles or individual automations on platforms like Gumroad.

:handshake: Join local communities, organize events (online and offline), and collaborate with other Ambassadors.

:bulb: Co-build the Bardeen product by sharing feedback, proposing features, and contributing to the automation catalog.

:gift: Enjoy exclusive member benefits, including access to a dedicated Slack channel, early access to features, priority support, and more.

Are you ready to join the Bardeen Ambassador program? Apply now by choosing a use-case, sharing a valuable automation, and showcasing your skills in the :star_struck: Showcase channel. Then you can reach out to @ivan to apply to the program.

Let’s embark on an exciting automation journey together! :raised_hands::robot::rocket:

For more information on how to apply, check out the complete instructions above. We can’t wait to welcome you to the Bardeen Ambassador community! :tada::sparkles:

Here’s to the first Batch of ambassadors that helped us test this idea!:clinking_glasses:


Hi all, please add my channel to your categories section in the left navigation pane. Here’s my website for more information: Jess J. Van Wyhe | Notion Gal (

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@Jess done :slight_smile: Also feel free to add the real estate category as well.


Done :slight_smile: Thank you Dan!

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