About 🌟 Automation Experts Hub

:information_source: Welcome to our :star2: Automation Experts Hub, where you’ll find a collection of user-led categories focused on specific use-cases or tools to automate with Bardeen.:bulb::handshake:

Why use this category? :thinking::sparkles:

This category is designed for members who want to dig deeper on popular use-cases, niche topics, and how others are using Bardeen on specific tools. It’s a dedicated space where Bardeen Ambassadors, experts and enthusiasts gather to discuss, share insights, and collaborate on specific topics.

How is it different? :arrows_counterclockwise::mag:

Unlike other categories, our Automation Channels provide a focused environment solely dedicated to user-led discussions and deep dives into specific automation use-cases.

Example: if you have a particular issue scraping Zillow, you can check and ask on the Real Estate sub channel.

What to expect? :books::bulb:

Topics in this category should revolve around specific automation use-cases, including best practices, tips, tricks, challenges, and success stories. Share your experiences, ask questions, and collaborate with others who are passionate about the same automation topics.