A new way set up your playbooks - Playbook configuration

We're working on a new way to set up and playbooks. Right now many playbooks in the catalog need to be edited in order to work properly. Take this one for instance: https://www.bardeen.ai/playbooks/clickup-to-notion For this to work you need to: - Have a notion database for tasks - Select your notion database - Edit the playbook in the builder to map the fields from clickup to Notion - Save and run it And if you're new to Bardeen, this flow might be hard to manage. Because of this, we're working in a new way to fill in the inputs needed to run a playbooks from the catalog, with no need to edit the playbook. This "playbook configuration" flow will allow users to - Easily run playbooks or autobooks from the catalog - Choose which inputs on a playbook they want to be fixed, or they want to be asked every time - And many exciting new features...

Proposed by: Ivan Escobar - Jun 7,22

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