Understanding the keywords feature to apply it to any search

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I am trying to understand how the keyword filter feature works. There is a pre-built automation called " Get tweets for a keyword and save them to Google Sheets".

I want to apply the same principle for an Upwork job search page, but it’s not working. Is it because of issues with Upwork? Otherwise, there is something wrong with my playbook.

I can share the Playbook if possible :wink:

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This guide will help you adapt an automation tool that originally searches Twitter, to perform searches on Upwork. It involves modifying the URL and the scraper model. Additionally, if the initial search result data is insufficient, each job can be individually visited for more detailed information leveraging Bardeen’s scraper template. This ensures a maximized, tailor-fit use of the automation tool for Upwork searches.

Let’s clarify the function of the automation. This automation uses your input word to perform a search on Twitter.

Please refer to the images below for visual reference.


To understand how the search operates on Upwork, see the image below. To make the automation work for Upwork, you need to replace the existing Twitter URL https://twitter.com/search?q= with the Upwork URL https://www.upwork.com/nx/jobs/search/?q=.

Please refer to the images below for visual reference.


Next, you need to modify the scraper model being used. This involves removing the Twitter homepage and creating a new scraper that matches your requirements, as there is no pre-existing template for Upwork search results.

Please refer to the images below for visual reference.

If the information obtained from the search results isn’t sufficient, each link can be visited to scrape job details. Bardeen provides a scraper template for this purpose.

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Many thanks, @Deyan_Petrov!

The playbook was correctly built, but I was using the wrong job search link.

Now I am filtering the jobs efficiently.

Appreciate your help :wink:

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