Top 5 Automations to Save Time and Make Your Life Easier 🚀 | Bardeen tutorials


In this video, we cover the top 5 automations for Salesforce using Bardeen, a no-code automation and AI tool. Learn how to automate manual tasks like creating Salesforce leads from LinkedIn profiles, finding social media profiles of leads, creating leads from emails, enriching and updating Salesforce leads with LinkedIn information, and automatically creating Salesforce contacts from Google Sheets. With Bardeen, you can save time and make your Salesforce workflows more efficient!

What you’ll learn:

  • How to create Salesforce leads from LinkedIn profiles with one click

  • How to find social media profiles of leads within Salesforce

  • How to create leads from emails with a single click

  • How to enrich and update Salesforce leads with LinkedIn information automatically

  • How to automatically create Salesforce contacts from Google Sheets

Who is this video for:

  • Salesforce users who want to automate manual workflows

  • Sales professionals who want to save time and make their workflows more efficient

  • Anyone interested in learning how to use Bardeen for Salesforce automation