Monitoring Data Changes on multiple links (G2)

Hello, Bardeen community,

I am building an automation to monitor our competitors’ reviews on G2. Following this video, the sample monitors only one link (the notion page).

If I want to monitor the reviews from the first 50 vendors of this list, how do you suggest doing it?

For testing, I would like to pull the data into a spreadsheet.

Many thanks!

Hey Feliz, welcome!

I would leverage the existing Bardeen G2 scraper :smiley:

And give this existing playbook a try:

To monitor 50 items it might be tricky, but you can use “Find all links in text” then input all the 50 links of the G2 urls.

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Thanks, Ivan!

When adding the “find all links in text” action.

Do you mean adding the links within this field?

Screenshot 2023-07-25 at 16.34.27

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Yep exactly

You can input a bunch of the G2 links in that input. Those will be found with this action and then run though the scraper.