How to Use: "Send Text Message" Action

:checkered_flag: Bardeen integrates with a company called Twilio to deliver text messages from this action.

  1. Input:
  2. Output:

Required Inputs:

  1. To Phone Number - where the text message is to be sent.
    • Data Type: E.164
    • Example Format: +1 999-999-9999 + (US)
  2. Using Text - Body of the text message to be sent.
    • Data Type: Text or String (Strings can include any character, including letters (A-Z), numbers (0-9), and special characters (!, ?, emojis, etc.)
    • Example Format: “Hey! I’m going to the Bardeen party at 7pm. Can you bring some snacks? :tada::hamburger::fries:

image Advanced Example of Using this Action