How to use Click Action in Bardeen

Bardeen Click Action: A Comprehensive Guide

What is Bardeen Click Action?

The Bardeen Click Action is a powerful feature within the Bardeen automation platform. It streamlines your workflow by automating the process of clicking on buttons during the automation build stage.

Where the Action is Located?

The click action is located within the Bardeen Scraper when clicking on an element simply select more options. It is a feature that allows Bardeen to interact with web elements such as buttons during the build stage of an automation process.

How it Works

The click action works by identifying specific elements on a webpage and triggering a click event. This is beneficial for automating interactions with web elements.

How to Use It

  1. While inside the the Scraper Template
  2. Identify the web element you want Bardeen to interact with. This could be a button, a link, or any other clickable element.
  3. Click on the element you want to interact with and click more options.
  4. Set the click action to trigger on the identified element.

It’s worth noting that Bardeen will click on all buttons in the build stage. Perhaps the team can work on a option to disable that @ivan @manvel


While Bardeen’s click action is powerful, there are some things it cannot do:

  • It cannot solve captchas or automate input field filling. Captchas are designed to prevent automation, and Bardeen doesn’t support dynamic input filling.
  • it cannot click on certain XY coordinates; it requires an element to be clicked.

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This is GOLD! We’ve been lacking this piece of documentation for a while, thanks for the contribution Deyan :trophy: :ambassador_cat_jam: !

PS: Anyone can contribute to our :books: Knowledge Base ! Together we can make Bardeen easier to understand for begginers :open_hands:

What does this mean?

We’re working on a Web Agent that will be able to click and input on the web, based on your orders!

What does this mean?

This means that when you are building the scraper and use a click action it will be performed when you are building the template, if you do it on a list scraper it will be performed on each of the buttons inside the scope

We’re working on a Web Agent that will be able to click and input on the web, based on your orders!

This was a question asked, if it can click on certain X/Y coordinates

No, it will be able to locate a button (though a prompt) and click on it, but I don’t think it can go to a specific coordinate.

@michael.lutz might know in detail