How To Scrape Websites With ChatGPT (As A Complete Beginner) | Tutorials

TL;DR: In this video, we’ll learn how to use Chat GPT, a no-code automation tool, to extract information from web pages. We’ll cover the process of web scraping using Python and BeautifulSoup, and demonstrate how to extract specific elements such as titles, URLs, and time saved from a webpage.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to use Chat GPT for web scraping

  • Extracting HTML code from web pages

  • Parsing HTML using BeautifulSoup

  • Identifying tags and attributes for extraction

  • Extracting specific elements from web pages

Who is this video for:

  • Complete beginners in coding

  • Users of Chat GPT interested in web scraping

  • Those looking to automate manual workflows

Customization: The video focuses on using Chat GPT for web scraping, but can be tailored to any other specific feature or functionality of Bardeen.

I watched this several times and cannot make it work. I managed to scrape Google News articles titles and meta data into a google spreadsheet. Now I want to to automatically go to each article URL, pull the full (entire) html, so I can LATER use the data with ChatGPT (custom instructions). Can anyone help with very detailed instructions? Cheers, Gemma

What you describe is not exactly scraping, it’s extracting the HTML from the website.

Thanks for posting this question, I’ve answered it here: