How to scrape only first Name and not full name from LinkedIn

Can you Scrape separately First Name and Last name from Linkedin Profile to Google Sheets (from the active tab)?

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This is easiest done through a Google Sheet formula after scraping the profile name as the html structure of the LinkedIn profile page has them within the same selector.

I hope this helps!
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Hi m.jovanovic

A few ideas that can work here:

  1. Bardeen has a “Split string” action, which you can use to separate a name and last name by the space character. This might not work in all cases (since there’s middle names)

The workflow is:

  1. Scrape linkedin
  2. Split string

  1. Or another option is getting AI to separate them for you, using custom prompting or our default OpenAI actions.

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New command to split full names

We’ve added a new action, “Split person name”, which extracts a first and last name from a full name. This is very useful for formatting your scraped names.

Before this, you would need to use “split string” and other workarounds. This action makes it easier to get the output and also supports capturing the middle name, suffix, and Spanish last names.

Mentioned on latest release notes.