How to get the content of each reply to tweets on twitter?

I currently have a Playbooks that can capture specified twitter account information, followers, tweet body, number of relpies, number of likes, number of retweets, etc.

In addition, I want to get the reply content of each tweet.

But when I click on the post to view the replies, it will jump to a new page, so that the information in other fields including the tweet body will be updated to the information on the new page, and the reply I want will be considered a tweet…:dizzy_face:

The problem encountered is shown in the screen recording link below.

I hope someone can help answer this question😥
Thank you and wish you all a nice day!

Hey Sophia

In case you’re still blocked here, heres 2 options:

  1. Bardeen has a prebuilt “Twitter threads” scraper capable of getting replies from a thread. You can try adding that into the flow!

  2. If that’s unreliable, I’d suggest taking a route though API automations, which is more predictable and will get you better structured data for Twitter. For this you’ll need other automation tools (ex Zapier or Make) which have this available.

It depends on the scale of the project!

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